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Sweet & Spicy Snail Stew Recipe

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Sweet & Spicy Snail Stew Recipe

Sweet & Spicy Snail Stew Recipe

Snail Stew Recipe: Hi there food lovers! So, today, we will be showing you how to make the most delicious, sweet, and spicy snail stew recipe. This stew can be used to eat rice, yam, and even spaghetti & pasta. It is relatively easy to make and no doubt, it will turn out great and amazing.


1. Snails
2. Salt
3. Limes
4. Onions
5. Red bell pepper
6. Green bell pepper
7. Curry powder
8. Seasoning cubes
9. Thyme
10. Salt


Start out by washing your snails. If you can crack and clean them up yourself, then it’s fine but if not, you can always have them do it for you at the market. You can wash your snail with some salt to completely clean it out. You can now cut out some lines and squeeze the water on the snails. You can also place the limes in the water and add some warm water to let the flavor out. Take out the snails and divide them into two for efficient washing.

Now, wash your peppers and onions and start prepping them. Slice them up nicely and place them aside. Place a pot over the heat and add your snails. Start seasoning right away. Add your Curry powder, Seasoning cubes, Thyme, Salt, and some chopped onions. Add some water. Let the snail boil very well. You can keep checking on your snail to prevent burning.

Once your snail is ready, you can choose to fry them before adding them to the sauce. Now, in a different pan, add some oil. Then, add some onions. Then, add your chopped or blended red bell pepper. If you have an already blended and boiled pepper sauce, add it to the pan and stir gently. Next, season with some salt, thyme, and some seasoning cubes. Now is the time to add your sliced red and green bell peppers.

Now is the best time to add your snails. Now, mix everything together. Let it boil for a bit before taking it off the heat. Your sauce is ready to be eaten with white rice or yam, spaghetti or pasta.

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