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How To Make Honey & Suya Glazed Chicken Wings

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How To Make Honey & Suya Glazed Chicken Wings

How To Make Honey & Suya Glazed Chicken Wings

Honey & Suya Glazed Chicken Wings: Hello there food lovers! Today we will be taking you on a food journey. You’ll be learning how to make the most delicious honey and suya glazed chicken wings. This is going to be your next favorite meal. You’ll be drooling over this recipe in no time.


1. Chicken wings
2. Lemon
3. Paprika powder
4. Ginger powder
5. Garlic powder
6. Onion powder
7. Salt
8. Chicken seasoning
9. Black pepper
10. Coconut oil


First of all, in a bowl, wash your chicken wings with your lemon. Slice your lemon into two and squeeze out the juice onto the chicken wings and wash them up. Now, add some water to the chicken and soak the chicken. The lemon will also add flavor to the chicken. Let it rest for a few minutes before washing and rinsing them off clean.

Place the chicken in a bowl and spice it up. Use your paprika powder, onion powder, ginger, and garlic powder and mix them all up. Also, add some salt and some chicken seasoning to the chicken. Add some pepper and mix up. Then, add your coconut oil. Mix them all up again.

Now, start adding them to the air fryer one by one. Place the chicken drum first before adding the flats, so that all the chicken will cook at the same time and pace. Once the chicken has fried for a while, flip them over to fry on the other end too.

While the air fryer is doing its job, on a small plate, add some honey and then some suya pepper, then mix it all up. As soon as your chicken is ready, brush the honey mix all over the chicken. Place them back into the air fryer and let it fry for about 2 minutes and your chicken is ready.

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