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How To Make Peppered Goat Meat (Asun)

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How To Make Peppered Goat Meat

How To Make Peppered Goat Meat

Peppered Goat Meat: Hello food lovers! It’s time yet again for another mind-blowing recipe learning tutorial. So, today, we will be showing you how to prepare this delicious and mouth-watering peppered goat meat dish. You don’t have to salivate anymore. Get ready to EAT.


1. Goat meat
2. Salt
3. chicken Seasoning cubes
4. Onions
5. Thyme leaves
6. Red bell pepper
7. Scotch bonnet pepper
8. Vegetable oil
9. Spring onion


Wash your goat meat very carefully, making sure to clean all the dirt. Now, place them in a clean pot and add some salt. Add some seasoning cubes. Now, add some diced onions. Add some thyme leaves and stir gently to even out the ingredients. Cover pot and steam for 10 minutes. Add some water until the ten has elapsed and cook until it’s almost soft.

Remove the meat and place them on a grill for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes is over, take the meat out and cut them into moderate sizes or bite-sized chunks.

Now, let’s make our pepper and onions puree. Wash and place your peppers and onion in a blender and get your paste. Now, in a pan, add some oil, then add your blended pepper mix to the oil. Now, add some salt, beef seasoning, and thyme. Mix well. Add your cut-up beef and some onion and your chopped spring onions. Also, add the goat meat water (broth) to the mix and stir well. Your peppered goat meat dish is ready to be served and eaten!

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