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Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

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Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Hello food and snack lovers, we present to you this recipe for making your very own crunchy, tasty and delicious chocolate chip cookies. These Chocolate Chip Cookies are going to be the tastiest cookies you’ll ever make. These chocolate chip cookies are a classic dessert, and they come out perfectly every time with this recipe.


1. 2 and a quarter cups of all-purpose flour (270g)
2. 3 quarter teaspoon of baking soda
3. 3 quarter teaspoon of salt
4. 3-quarter cup of granulated sugar (150g)
5. 3-quarter cup of Light brown sugar (165g)
6. 1 large room temperature egg
7. 1 tablespoon of vanilla (15ml)
8. 1 and a half cups of chocolate chips


First of all, we are going to measure out two and a quarter cups of all-purpose flour. Then, we’ll be adding 3 quarter teaspoons of baking soda, then add 3 quarter teaspoons of salt. Now, whisk it all up gently.

Next, into your whisking bowl, add 1 cup of room temperature butter (226g). Give it a quick whisk (as shown in the video below). Now, add 3 quarter cups of granulated sugar (150g). While that is mixing, measure out 3 quarter cups of Light brown sugar (165g). Then, add it to the mixing bowl and mix on medium till light and fluffy. Mix for about 5 minutes. When that is done, break 1 large room temperature egg into the mixing bowl. Mix that up and then add 1 tablespoon of vanilla (15ml).

Now, scrap the sides of the bowl and stir it up, then turn on the mixer again to mix up well. Now, add your flour mixture in and mix on low until all the ingredients are almost combined. This is the time to add your chocolate chips in. Add 1 and a half cups of chocolate chips. Stir on low to distribute the chocolate chips. While we do that, the rest of the flour will get incorporated. Once you’re done mixing, scrape the paste from the mixer. Cover and then place your cookie paste into the fridge to chill for at least an hour. The longer you chill, the better the cookie tastes.

When it’s ready, get a tray and line it up with parchment paper, then take out the bowl and start out by scooping a cup of cookie paste onto your palm, give it a roll so it comes to a nice and beautiful ball shape. Repeat the same process till you have successfully made balls out of the cookie paste. You can add about three chocolate chips on top of each ball.

Place the cookies into the oven and bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 -15 minutes. Your cookies are ready to be served and eaten!

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