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Bleached Palm Oil Rice Recipe

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Bleached Palm Oil Rice Recipe

Bleached Palm Oil Rice Recipe

Bleached Palm Oil Rice: Hello there food lovers! Today, we would be showing you how to make this special and quick bleached palm oil rice recipe. You don’t have to stress yourself anymore to make a whole three course meal when you can make this one easily.


Ginger powder
Fish powder
Mixed spices
Palm oil


Start out by washing your meat, season and cook it. Now, add some palm oil into a cooking pot. Add your meat and then some chopped onions and some seasoning, and mix spices to sweeten it up. You can add a pinch of salt if you like.

You can also add bay leaves if you wish to. If you also have any other ingredients you would like to add, then you should too. Make sure that you taste and adjust the taste accordingly.

Next, wash your rice and add it to the pot. Make sure that you rinse the rice first before adding it to the pot. Once that is done, add your pepper mix and then, add some water.

Add water to the size of the rice and not more than. Now, cover the pot and allow to simmer. Your rice should be ready to serve and eat soon.

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