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Home » Foods » How To Cook Ewedu Soup With Egusi (Ewedu Elegusi)

How To Cook Ewedu Soup With Egusi (Ewedu Elegusi)

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How To Cook Ewedu Soup With Egusi (Ewedu Elegusi)

How To Cook Ewedu Soup With Egusi (Ewedu Elegusi)

How To Cook Ewedu Soup With Egusi: Hi there food lovers! If you love Ewedu soup, then you should get ready for this food episode. Today, we would be showing you how to make Ewedu soup with Egusi. Its also called Ewedu Elegusi and it is the sweetest, the tastiest, the yummiest. Let’s show you how to make this soup.

Whether you’re looking to satisfy your hunger or boost your health, this traditional Nigerian soup is an authentic and delicious choice.


Ewedu Leaves
Locust beans
Seasoning cubes


Start out by plucking your ewedu leaves gently. Then, wash them with clean water to get rid of the dirt. Drain and place in a bowl. Now, in a pan of boiling water, add some Iru. It is also called locust beans. Next, add your already washed ewedu leaves. Soak the leaves into the boiling water and stir to combine with the locust beans.

At this time, after letting it boil for a while, get a little quantity of egusi and add some water to it. Stir until the egusi becomes a paste. (See how it’s done in the video). Once the egusi is now a paste, you can add it into the pot in lumps. Don’t dissolve them, just add them in lumps to the pot.

Next, add a seasoning cube to the pot. Sprinkle a bit of salt too. Stir the ewedu leaves gently with a spoon. After about 7 minutes of cooking, you will notice that the leaves have becomes very soft.

This is where the interesting part comes into play. Get a blender and pour the contents of the pot (asides the liquid) into the blender. Once puréed, pour into a cooking pan. If you already have your amala prepared beforehand, then, its great. If not, you can start making it. You could also use pounded yam or garri or semolina etc.

You can serve your delicious homemade ewedu soup.

Watch Video Below:

Video Credit:
Joyful Cook

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