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Belly Fat Burner Drink

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Belly Fat Burner Drink

Belly Fat Burner Drink

Fat Burner Drink: For a lot of people, weight is a big issue and there are several ways to gain weight but only a few assured ways to lose it. There is absolutely no harm in trying to lose some belly fat using fruits and natural vegetables.

In this recipe, we will be showing you how to do that. Note that: I’m not a health practitioner, so please make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients used in this video. This page doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm, side effects or illness caused by the content related to this video. Please be sure to check with your medical practitioner if you have any medically related questions.




Wash and slice your cucumber into circular bits. Pour them into a bowl and set it aside. Next, cut up your ginger after washing it. You don’t have to peel the skin, just chop it all up and place it away as well.

Now, squeeze the lemons to get water out. You will be needing it for this recipe. After that is done, set aside as well. Next, get your pineapple ready. Cut and peel the pineapple too. Make sure that you wash every fruit you will be using. Don’t forget to.

Separate the pineapple peels and place them into a cooking pot, add some water and bring it to a boil. Transfer the main pineapples into another bowl and set aside.

Once the water is ready, strain and leave it to cool down. Now transfer all the ingredients in different bowls into the blender. Now, add your pineapple peel water to the blender. Cover and blend till puréed.

Next, pour out the purée into a jar and then add your lemon juice. Stir with a straw and serve. Take twice a day with an empty stomach – morning and night.

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