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Assorted Fried Rice Recipe

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Assorted Fried Rice Recipe

Assorted Fried Rice Recipe

Fried Rice Recipe: Hello Guys! So, you’re wondering what to serve your guest when they come to see you without notice? Well, you could start cooking up a storm, or you could simply prepare this quick and delicious assorted fried rice.

It’s absolutely not hard to make and besides, you’ll have your guests asking for more! Let’s show you how this is made. Read on below.


Unsalted butter
Seasoning cubes
Meat stock
Green peas
Green bell pepper
Red bell pepper
Sweet corn
Spring Onions


Wash your onions, garlic, and pepper. Then, blend them smoothly and pour in a clean plate. Set that aside. In a heated cooking pan, add your unsalted butter and allow it to melt. Once it has melted completely, add the blended purée to the pot and stir to mix up properly.

Wash your rice well and drain it, then add it to the pot. Stir the rice well before adding your curry, Sazon, seasoning cubes, stock, water, and some salt. Now, cover to cook.

Make sure that you taste the food and adjust the taste accordingly. Cook on low heat and watch how your rice comes out beautifully.

Now, let’s fry our vegetables. In another cooking pan, add some butter to it and allow to melt. Add some purée and then add your prawns. Make sure that you have washed and cleaned them up nicely. You can use any protein of your choice though, it must not be shrimps if you can’t afford it.

Now, you must have cleanly cut up your green and red bell peppers, it’s time to add them to the pot. Add your carrots too. Add some seasoning cubes to spice them up. Also, add your sweet corn and green peas. Fry gently as you stir.

Now, add the vegetables to the rice. Mix them up and stir well. Add your spring onions (finely chopped) and stir again to combine. Allow the rice to cook well before serving.

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