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Easy Coleslaw Recipe

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Easy Coleslaw Recipe

Easy Coleslaw Recipe

Easy Coleslaw Recipe: Hi food lovers, today, we will be showing you how to make the easiest and yummiest coleslaw you’ve ever tasted! It’s quick, straight, and super fun to make and also healthy. So, why wait? Let’s get started right away.


1. White Cabbage
2. Purple cabbage
3. Spring onions (optional)
4. Carrots
5. Mayonnaise
6. Greek yogurt (optional)
7. Granulated sugar (2 Teaspoons)
8. Pepper (optional)
9. Salt
10. Lime juice.


Start by shredding up your cabbage. For this recipe, we will be using the white and purple cabbage but, hey, if you do not have access to the purple one, then use only the white cabbage. Since you want your vegetables looking pretty after you’re done, it would be best to shred them well. If you’re using a full cabbage, simply cut into half and shred one after the other. Now, make sure to look out for the pattern the cabbage has and shred in line with that. It helps retain a specific design.

Once you’re done with the white cabbage, move on to the purple cabbage and shred too. Now, place them away. Wash and chop your spring onions into really tiny bits and place them away too. Wash and grate your carrots. You can slice them or chop them if you want. Grating is easier. Lol. So, if you want long stripes of carrots as the end results after grating, always hold your carrots straight while grating.

For the creamy dressing:

Transfer some mayonnaise into a bowl. Now, add your Greek yogurt into the same bowl. Now, add some sugar and a sprinkle of pepper. Next, add some salt and a tablespoon of lime juice. You can add a little water to the dressing to loosen it up a bit. Stir it up to combine evenly. Now, set it aside and proceed with the main mixing.

In a big bowl, start by adding your white cabbage, then, add a little of your purple cabbage. Now, add some of your carrots and some spring onions. Now, mix them together. Now that we have them all mixed up together, let’s transfer some creamy dressing into the vegetables. Depending on how creamy you like your coleslaw, you can use more or less. Now, mix them all together.


It is always advisable to serve your coleslaw in a different bowl than the mixing bowl. The mixing bowl makes it look scattered but once you’re done mixing, transfer gently into a clean serving bowl and serve.

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