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Simple Breakfast Yoghurt Recipe

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Simple Breakfast Yoghurt Recipe

Simple Breakfast Yoghurt Recipe

Simple Breakfast Recipe: Hello food lovers! If you are looking for a simple breakfast recipe, something to fill your tummy and refresh you at the same time, then let’s unlock this yoghurt breakfast recipe.

It’s really simple and easy to make. It is also healthy and garnished with chia seeds, cashew nuts, apples and infact, any fruit of your choice.


Chia seeds
Cashew nuts
Coconut chips
Caramel and honey sesame fruits
Grape seeds


Start out by adding some scoops of yoghurt into a bowl. Now, add some chia seeds and mix up. Then, you can add your coconut chips, caramel and honey sesame variants.

Next, mix everything together and start layering the cup – The cup you want to serve with. Also add your diced fruits like your apples and grapes. You can also use any fruit of your choice.

You can now add your cashew nuts as a topping. Your Breakfast Yoghurt is ready to be served and eaten. It’s highly nutritious and can help you kick-start your day.

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