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How To Cook An Amazing Chicken & Yam Pepper Soup

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How To Cook An Amazing Chicken & Yam Pepper Soup

How To Cook An Amazing Chicken & Yam Pepper Soup

How To Cook Chicken & Yam Pepper Soup: For all you pepper soup lovers, get in here, we’ve got something fresh for you. It’s one thing to know how to eat chicken and yam pepper soup, and it’s another thing to know how to prepare it. A lot of people sure know how to eat it, no doubt. What about preparing it? Have you ever wondered how to get everything just right, put the ingredients together to create a beautiful and addictive taste you’ll never want to leave your taste buds?

So, let’s get right into it!

For this meal, we would need some ingredients, which we can assure you are very easy to get. We would list out the ingredients for you, so you have all the time to do some shopping, if you are lacking any needed spice.


1. Fresh chicken (1 Kilo)
2. Half onions
3. Half cup of crayfish
4. 2 scotch bonnet peppers
5. 2 Maggi crayfish
6. 3 Uda seed
7. Ewu seed (Calabash nutmeg)
8. Salt
9. Ginger
10. Yam
11. Bitter leaf.


Start off today’s cooking by preparing your ingredients and getting them ready for the cooking process. Wash and chop your onions. Peel the layer off your ginger and wash it. Then chop them into sizeable pieces. Pour the chopped onions and ginger into a blender and blend nicely. Wash your chicken and place them in a clean pot. Next, add your blended onion and ginger sauce to the chicken. Pour a little water into the blender to rinse out the rest of the onion and ginger sauce. Add it to the chicken too.

Now, add a little salt. Also, add a cube of Maggi crayfish stock. Turn the chicken to mix up with the ingredients and place it on the heater. While it’s boiling, take the time to blend your uda seeds, crayfish and Ewu seed (Calabash nutmeg). Then, chop your red and green pepper into bits and put them in a clean plate. Once that is done, start peeling your yam. Cut off the head and bottom part of the yam. Cut the yam into small pieces. After peeling the yam, wash it with clean water and rinse it out one more time. Then add some water into the bowl with the yam and leave it there, so that the yam won’t turn black.

Next, check on the chicken and add your blended crayfish, uda and ewu seed. Now, you can add your yam to the chicken. After that, add one more Maggi crayfish cube and add more water. Since it’s pepper soup we’re making, water is the major component of this food. Partially cover the pot and allow to steam for five minutes.

Check on the food again and now, add your chopped fresh pepper and bitter leaf and stir. Leave to steam once more and check for the taste if there’s anything else you need to add. Your amazing chicken and yam pepper soup is ready to be eaten.


The recipe used for this food was the Ukodo recipe. You can add whatever leaf you desire for the pepper soup making. Some people like to use scent leaves, some others like to use pumpkin leaves. Whichever one works for you.

Watch Food Making Video Below:

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