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Concoction Jollof Rice With Palm Oil

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Concoction Jollof Rice With Palm Oil

Concoction Jollof Rice With Palm Oil

Concoction Jollof Rice: If you are looking for some type of easy, quick, and yet, tasty lunch idea, then you should totally try out this concoction jollof rice made with palm oil. Let’s show you how to prepare this type of easy meal. By the end of this video, we’re sure you’ll want to always prepare this to save time and also to enjoy and savor the local flavor.


1. Rice
2. Fresh red bell peppers
3. Crayfish
4. Palm oil
5. Onions
6. Yellow scotch bonnet peppers
7. Seasoning cubes
8. Locust beans
9. Deboned Smoked catfish
10. Salt
11. Scent leaves


Start out by measuring out the quantity of rice you wish to use in a bowl and wash it until the way runs clear. After that, transfer the rice into a clean pot. Next, start blending your peppers and onions. Wash and place your red bell peppers, scotch bonnet peppers, crayfish, and onions into the blender, add some water and blend into a half-smooth puree. Once that is done, add it to your rice.

Now, rinse out the blender and add the water to the rice too. Now, add some hot water, and add the locust beans, the catfish, and the palm oil. The thing about this type of concoction dish is that everything goes in all at the same time.

Next, add the seasoning cubes, and the salt. You can add a bit more water. Always aim for your water to be at the same level as the rice. So, if yours isn’t at the same level, add some water. Give it a good stir and then cover it up so it can start cooking. The heat should be medium.

Check back on the rice about 15 minutes later, and give it a gentle stir. If you feel like you need some more oil, then add a little, not too much. At this point, cover the rice with foil and place the lid on top of it. This will let the rice cook properly with the steam. Now, start chopping the scent leaves after washing them. Set aside once that is done.

Give the rice an extra 20 minutes to cook before checking on it. Give it another gentle stir before adding the scent leaves. Once you add the leaves, stir to mingle and cover it to cook for a little while before taking it off the heat. You can serve with beef, eggs or chicken. Whichever you wish. Enjoy.

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