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How To Make Cake Parfait

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How To Make Cake Parfait

How To Make Cake Parfait

Cake Parfait: Hello there food lovers or should I say Cake lovers! Today, we will be showing you how to prepare this delicious and irresistible cake parfait recipe. I know you’ve all heard of the normal parfait but have you imagined a cake parfait before? Well, we can show you how it’s made.

Cake parfait is achieved by adding alternating layers of cake scraps/crumbs and cream frosting in a transparent jar, cup, plate or glass.


Red velvet cake scraps
Transparent cup
Whipped cream frosting


Start out by adding one slice of your cake into the cup. Alternate the cake slice and whipped cream frosting layer by layer in the transparent cup. Repeat the process until it gets to the top of the cup.

If you are using a transparent plate too, you should use the same process as the cup. Add slices of cake and top up with whipped cream. Alternate them till the plate is full.

You can get as many plates and cups as you want done. As long as there is enough cake and frosting to go around. When you’re done, cover them up.

You can also garnish with any toppings you wish. Strawberries, grape seeds or whatever you want to use. You can also choose to serve it like that. Also, you can use chocolate cake or any type of cake as well to make this recipe.

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