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How To Prepare Chicken Peppersoup

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How To Prepare Chicken Pepper soup

How To Prepare Chicken Pepper soup

Chicken Pepper soup Recipe: Hello guys, we are going to show you how to make the best spicy chicken pepper soup for that rainy day or cheat day, who knows. You can get your kitchen suit ready because this is going to be your new and definite favorite recipe of all time. Let’s do this.


1. White onions
2. Yellow scotch bonnet pepper
3. Red scotch bonnet pepper
4. Chicken
5. Bouillon powder
6. Pepper soup spice
7. Garlic powder
8. Cameroon Pepper
9. Basil or scent leaves.

To start, place your washed yellow and red scotch bonnet pepper in your blender. Also, add your chopped onions and blend. Add the pepper mix to your already washed chicken in a clean pot. Place it on the heat. Now, add crushed bouillon, pepper soup powder, garlic spice and some Cameroon pepper and stir gently. Steam for about 15 minutes. After the time has elapsed, add some water to the chicken mix and stir gently. Add some more pepper soup spice and stir gently again. Cook for 15 minutes.

Next, add your Basil or scent leaves, which have been finely chopped earlier. Stir gently to combine. Now, allow it to cook for about two more minutes. Your delicious and scintillating chicken pepper soup is ready to be served and eaten with either rice or boiled yam or agidi. Enjoy.


Although this recipe may look easy and simple, it all depends on what your taste buds quite like. You should always taste and adjust accordingly. If you prefer salt, then use it to your taste. If you prefer other leaves and not basil or scent leaves, go ahead.

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