Sweet Jollof Rice With Turkey

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How To Prepare Sweet Jollof Rice With Turkey

How To Prepare Sweet Jollof Rice With Turkey

Sweet Jollof Rice With Turkey: Today, we would be preparing sweet jollof rice garnished with turkey, and we want to take you through every step of it. For lovers of Nigerian jollof rice, especially Nigerian party jollof rice, you can tune in to this special recipe and let’s take you on a whole different journey. We can guarantee that you would lick your screen by the time we are done with this tutorial.

So, lets started then!


To cook turkey:
* 2kg turkey wings (cut up)
* 1/2 small onion
* 2 garlic cloves (chopped)
* Thumb sized ginger (chopped)
* 2chicken seasoning cube
* 2 teaspoon each of salt, curry powder, thyme.
* 1/4 cup water

To cook Rice:
For the blended mix
* 3 medium bell peppers
* 5 pieces of tomato (Roma)
* 2 scotch bonnet pepper (or more)
* 1/2 onion

* 6 cups Rice(I use Indian gate SELLA long grain Basmati Rice)
(Best Rice for jollof is parboiled Rice (raw) or sella basmati rice)
* 1/2 cup vegetable oil (or oil of choice
* 1 large onion (chopped)
* 13oz Tomato paste (tin tomato)
(Tomato paste, not tomato sauce)

* 2 knorr seasoning cubes
* 1 tablespoon thyme
* 1 tablespoon curry
* 2 bay leaves
* 2 tablespoon salt

* 2 1/2 cup turkey/ chicken stock (substitute with water or vegetable sauce for VEGETARIAN OPTION)
* 1 cup water.


STEP 1: Prepare the meat to get your stock. In a clean pot, add your washed and cut Turkey meat and then, add your onions. Now, add your chopped ginger and garlic mash to the pot. Now, add some seasoning cubes and some salt to the turkey. Then, add your curry powder and your thyme. After adding the mentioned ingredients, add some water to the pot and stir gently to let the ingredients spread evenly.

Once that is done, cover the pot and cook for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, check on your chicken and take them out in a clean plate. Save the chicken stock for later. Now, take out a clean frying pan, add some cooking oil and start frying your turkey. You can air fry, bake, or grill the turkey. It all depends on what you want and how you want it. After some minutes, turn the turkey to the other side and fry evenly too. Fry until they’re golden brown, then take them off the heat.

STEP 2: Prepare your ingredients for the rice. The first thing you want to do is to sieve your stock. Get a clean sieve and pour the stock into it to sieve the tiny turkey bits. Now, blend your bell pepper, tomato, scotch bonnet pepper and onions. After that is done, pour the purée into a clean cooking pan and cooking till it is dry and reduced. Do not mix. Mixing the purée will result in splashing. After the purée is dried up, take it off the heat and start with your rice. Wash the rice multiple times until water runs clear.

STEP 3: Make your delicious jollof rice. Pour the same oil used in frying the meat into a clean pot. Now, add your chopped onions and stir. Fry until fragrant. Now, add your tin tomato paste into the pot and stir so that the paste will spread evenly. Fry for some minutes and stir as you do. Now, add your boiled down tomato mix and stir again. Now, add your stock cube (chicken seasoning). Add your thyme, curry and bay leaves. Stir once more. Next, add your meat stock and stir evenly. Now, add some salt to taste. After that, add your already washed rice to the stew. Note that: adding the rice before the water helps you better regulate the amount of water that goes in after. Once you’re done adding the rice, you can now decide how much water you want to add to cook the rice. Water should be slightly above the uncooked rice. Now, cover with foil. The foil helps trap steam in the pot so the rice cooks with less water, thereby preventing soggy jollof rice. Then, proceed to cover with the pot lid. Cook for about 20 minutes on medium heat. After the set time has elapsed, open your pot to see how far gone your rice is. Now, stir gently. After that, you can add your fried turkey to the rice, right on top of it, or you can mix them into the rice if you wish. Your sweet jollof rice is ready to be served.


You can cover the pot with the lid like that if you don’t have the foil to keep the steam in. But if you prefer to shop for the ingredients like us on time, then you can simply get the foil at the same time. Also be careful of overlooking your meal, to avoid burning. Although, people have found burnt jollof rice to be very addictive, different, and tasty, don’t burn it.

See Cooking Video Below:

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