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Weight Gain Dessert

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Weight Gain Dessert

Weight Gain Dessert

Weight Gain Dessert: Hello food enthusiasts! Have you ever considered gaining some weight? You probably have thought about it a few times, and maybe you’ve tried a few things but hey, you should try this weight gain dessert. Let’s show you how to make it.


Cashew nuts
Greek yogurt (Sweetened)
Coconut chips
Banana chips
Dried cranberries
Chocolate powder
Full cream milk


Start out by getting your blender ready. Now, add some cashew nuts. Then add your sweetened yogurt to it. Next, add your chocolate powder to the mixture.

After that is done, add your full cream milk. Close the blender and blend till properly puréed. Get a clean glass cup and pour the dessert into the cup. Next, add your coconut chips.

Add some banana chips too and some dried cranberries. Your dessert is ready to be served and eaten. You like the blender? You can buy yours from my Amazon storefront (link in bio) they ship anywhere.

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