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Quick Steps To Make Lasagna

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Quick Steps To Make Lasagna

Quick Steps To Make Lasagna

Quick Steps To Make Lasagna: Are you interested in learning how to make the popular dish known as Lasagna? For a lot of people, this information has eluded them, but we have it here, just for you. The popular Lasagna, also pronounced “lazanya” is an Italian dish made up of stacked layers of thin flat pasta with fillings such as ground meats and tomato sauce and other vegetables. We’ll be learning how to get this recipe ready!


For the meat sauce:

1. 3 tbsp of olive oil
2. A mix of basil, thyme, parsley, rosemary 1 tbsp of dry Italian seasoning 2 tsp
3. 1 large onion
4. 4 cloves of garlic
5. 1 tbsp of chili flakes
6. Black pepper ½ tsp
7. Salt to taste (around 1tsp)(remember that cheddar cheese is salty)
8. Ground meat 1 kg (beef or mutton)
9. Chopped tomatoes 800g
10. Water to cook for 30 minutes.

For Béchamel /white sauce:

1. Butter 4 tbsp
2. Flour 4 tbsp
3. Pinch of nutmeg
4. Pinch of salt
5. 3 cups of cold milk
6. One packet of instant/no-boil lasagna sheet, or as needed.
7. Grated mozzarella cheese
8. Grated light cheddar cheese
9. Grated Parmesan cheese (optional)
10. Fresh mozzarella on top (optional)

Time and temperature:

Bake at 200 °C preheated oven for 35-40 minutes covered, then uncover the lasagna and bake another 10-15 minutes to brown the top a bit. (oven temperature and time may vary)


First lay out your ingredients for the meat sauce – basil, thyme, parsley, rosemary. Now, cut them into tiny slim bits. In a pot, add your olive oil and your sliced white onions. Use one large onion for this. Add 4 cloves of garlic and 1 tablespoon of chili flakes. Now, stir to combine before adding your ground meat (1000g). Now, stir and add your black pepper and salt to taste. Don’t forget to caramelize the meat before adding your chopped or blended tomatoes. You can use a can of chopped tomatoes too, that works.

Now, add one hip tablespoon of your fresh herbs or two tablespoons of Italian seasoning. Now, add water and stir. Let’s get to the Béchamel sauce.

Place 4 tablespoon of butter in a pan to melt. Now, add 4 tablespoons of flour to the butter and stir effectively. Now, add your 3 cups of cold milk. Pour it quickly to prevent lumps. Stir until it’s smooth and even. Now, add a pinch of nutmeg. Don’t reduce too much, it will be thicker when it cools down a bit. Now, take it off the heat and check on your sauce, which should be done by now.

Now, we start to layer up the lasagna. Now, in a clean ceramic laying pan, add your first layer of Béchamel. Now, add some no-boil lasagna sheets to cover up the layer. Then, add your meat sauce and add some more Béchamel on top of the meat sauce. Now, add Mozzarella and light cheddar on top of the Béchamel. Add more lasagna sheets, then add more meat sauce. Now, add more Béchamel on top of it. Let’s do a second layer. Add some more Mozzarella and light cheddar on top. Add extra lasagna sheets again. Add some more meat sauce. Then, your Béchamel sauce and your Mozzarella/light cheddar.

Now, for the third layer, repeat the same process with the Lasagna sheets and Béchamel sauce, Mozzarella/light cheddar. Then add your fresh Mozzarella on top of the lasagna. Insert toothpicks and cover it with foil. The use of the toothpick to prevent the aluminum foil from sticking to the cheese, remember to take it out before serving. Now, bake at 190 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes. Once it’s ready. Let it cool down for 30 minutes. Your Lasagna is ready to be served and eaten.

PRO TIP: The dish may be topped with melted grated mozzarella cheese. Typically, the cooked or oven-ready pasta is assembled with the other ingredients and then baked in an oven. The resulting lasagna casserole is cut into single-serving square portions.

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