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French Toast Recipe

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French Toast Recipe

French Toast Recipe

French Toast Recipe: French toast is the easiest fancy breakfast you can make and that’s not a lie or an exaggeration. Slices of bread dunked in a rich egg custard with vanilla and cinnamon, drenched in maple syrup, and topped with fresh berries. This recipe makes the ultimate weekend brunch treat that you can whip up in just a few minutes!.

When you’re looking for a lazy weekend treat without the effort French Toast is always a winner. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s utterly delicious and decadent.


1. 3/4 Cup of whole milk
2. 4 eggs
3. 1/4 cup of sugar
4. 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
5. 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
6. Sliced white bread (You can use any bread of your choice)
7. Butter


Start by measuring out 3/4 Cup of whole milk into a mixing bowl. If you want it to be extra rich, you can add some cream in there. Once that is done, crack 4 eggs into the milk. Now, add 1/4 cup of sugar into the bowl (to keep it sweet). For some flavoring, add 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract. Give it a good whisk.

Get a frying pan and place it over the heat on medium-high heat. While that is heating up, take out a slice of bread and plop it into the mixture. Press it down a bit and after a few seconds, flip it to the other side. Now, add some butter to that heated pan and get it melted.

Now, place the soaked bread on the pan and allow it to fry gently. As you go, you’re going to need to dip more bread the same way as you did for the first. After a minute or so, flip the pieces of bread over and let the other side fry as well. Take the bread off the pan as soon as it is golden brown and put the bread on a clean plate.

Repeat the soak and fry process till you have gotten the amount of bread you want. Serve with maple syrup, fruits, or however you like. Honey is also an option. Enjoy with your family.

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