Tomato Blend Hack

Tomato Blend Hack

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Tomato Blend Hack

Tomato Blend Hack

Tomato Blend Hack: Hi food lovers! Today, we would be showing you how to get away with this amazing tomato blend hack, With this hack, you can store tomato for longer and keep them fresh for each use.

You don’t have to buy tomatoes at the market each time you want to make a stew or a meal that needs tomatoes. This can work if you want to make and store tomatoes in bulk.


Start out by washing the tomatoes, onions, and pepper. Place them in a pot and add some water to boil. Once they are well boiled, put them in a blender and blend till they’re properly puréed.

After that, you can get your airtight container and pour out the tomato paste into the container. You can now store them in the fridge for future use.

You can also boil and blend as many tomatoes as you want, especially if you want to make the paste in a large quantity.

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