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Sweet Corn Peppersoup

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Sweet Corn Peppersoup

Sweet Corn Peppersoup

Sweet Corn Peppersoup: Hi there food lovers! Have you ever tried out something new entirely? Like, adding sweet corn to your pepper soup? You may say it would look gross or just out of place, but you should totally try it before concluding.


* Goat Meat
* 3 sweet corns
* 1 onion
* Pepper soup spice
* Crayfish powder
* Fish spice
* Uziza spice
* Crayfish seasoning
* Mint leaves
* Fresh Pepper
* Water


Start out by washing your goat meat and chopping them. You can chop before washing. Anyone is fine. After that, add the goat meats to a clean cooking pot. Then add your blended fresh pepper. Add your blended onions too. Add your crayfish seasoning. Cover and let it cook for a while.

After some minutes, add your crayfish powder, your fish spice, peppers soup spice and uziza spice. Also add your plantains and sweet corns, then add some water to make the pepper soup.

Finally, add your mint leaves and allow to cook properly. Make sure that the corns are properly cooked as well before taking it off the heat to serve.

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