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Suya Shrimp Recipe

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Suya Shrimp Recipe

Suya Shrimp Recipe

Suya Shrimp Recipe: Welcome, food lovers. So, today we will be giving you a tutorial on how to make Suya Shrimps/Prawns!. It is Incredibly easy to prepare and 100% delicious too. Let’s get right into it.


1. Prawns
2. Shrimps
3. Olive oil
4. Crayfish seasoning cubes
5. Salt
6. Suya pepper
7. Suya sticks.


First, we’ll wash our prawns and/or shrimps. Remove the scales from the prawns and shrimps. Once they are clean, place them in a bowl and pat them dry with a kitchen towel or tissue so that they get dry. Now, add some olive oil to it. Also, add some crayfish seasoning cubes to flavor it up. Add some salt and mix everything together. Next, add your suya pepper and mix them up again. Once that is done, you can start staking the prawns up using the suya sticks. You can add up to 4 or 5 prawns per stick. You can choose to marinate them for a while in the fridge or not. Lol.

Now, place them in an already heated oven to bake. Check on your prawns from time to time, you don’t want it to burn. Prawns don’t take very long to cook, bake or fry. So, check on them and turn them over to bake on the other side evenly.

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