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Stir Fry Spaghetti Recipe

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Stir Fry Spaghetti Recipe

Stir Fry Spaghetti Recipe

Stir Fry Spaghetti: Hi food lovers, so, today we will be showing you the secret to making delicious and yummy stir-fry spaghetti using chicken. Hands down, this is one of the best spaghetti recipes you can try, and we mean that in the truest way possible. It can be easily garnished with any protein of your choice. You get to decide how you want it to finally turn out. Let’s get started!


1. Spaghetti
2. Fresh tomatoes
3. Spring onions
4. Chopped Red bell pepper
5. Chopped Green bell pepper
6. Shredded Bacon
7. Boneless chicken
8. Carrot
9. Onions
10. Black pepper
11. Salt
12. Bouillon cubes
13. Garlic granules
14. Smoked paprika
15. Vegetable oil
16. Curry powder
17. Thyme


The first thing we will be doing is to season the chicken. Add some black pepper to the chicken. You can use Cameroon pepper if you wish. Then, add some salt, bouillon cubes, garlic powder and some smoked paprika. Now, mix the chicken and the seasoning together evenly. Now, allow it to marinate for about an hour. You can allow it to marinate for longer if you’ve got the time.

In a clean cooking pan, add some vegetable oil. When it heats up, start frying your bacon. Add everything and fry until perfectly fried and crispy. Once the bacon is fried to satisfaction, transfer it into a plate and leave the residual oil in the pan. You can add a little more oil if the one in the frying pan won’t be enough, because we are going to fry the chicken next.

Now, add your chicken to the pan when the oil heats up. You will fry for about 8-10 minutes or until perfectly fried. Once they are well fried, the color would be a golden brown hue.

Next, blend your tomatoes and bell pepper together. Pour the purée into the cooking pan (after taking off the fried chicken). You can add some oil if you feel it won’t be enough to cook with. To the mixture, add some garlic powder, Curry powder, bouillon cubes, salt, and thyme. Fry for 15 minutes. Always check on it occasionally so that it doesn’t burn.

Let’s get started in our spaghetti. Boil some water in a cooking pot and add some oil and salt to it. At this time, you can go in with your spaghetti. Add them to the pot and leave to cook. It can take about 8-10 minutes to get ready. Now, sieve out the water and wash the spaghetti clean. Let’s get back to the pepper purée. Now, add your sliced carrots, green and red bell peppers. Fry for about 2 to 3 minutes. You can fry for longer, but that depends on how you like your vegetables. After the time has elapsed, start adding your spaghetti. You can add them little by little. Once they are all combined, you can add your fried bacon to the mix. Also, add the chicken and the sliced spring onions. Mix everything together and simmer on low heat for about 2 minutes. Your Stir Fry Spaghetti is ready to be served and eaten.

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