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Special Dinner Recipe Made With Chicken

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Special Dinner Recipe Made With Chicken

Special Dinner Recipe Made With Chicken

Special Dinner Recipe Made With Chicken: For all those who just want something special, tasty and yet not-so-difficult, there’s some good news for you. We have carefully selected and put this Special Dinner Recipe Made With Chicken just for you. Are you as excited as we are about learning a new recipe? Let’s go.

For this meal, we would be needing some ingredients, which we can assure you are very easy to get. We would list out the ingredients for you, so you have all the time to do some shopping, if you are lacking any needed spice.


1. Shredded vegetables: Apples, carrots, bell peppers, cucumber, cabbage, green onions, lettuce, green peas etc.
2. Greek yogurt
3. Lemon Juice
4. Honey
5. Flour
6. Chicken breasts
7. Butter
8. Soy Sauce
9. Oyster sauce
10. Garlic
11. White pepper
12. Salt
13. Butter


Start by placing the chicken breasts on a flat surface and make three incisions on one angle and three more incisions on another angle to form a crisscross shape. Don’t slice too deep or all the way in because you still want the chicken to be in one piece. Now, season with some salt and pepper. Now, transfer the flour to a plate and add some garlic powder, salt to taste. Mix together to combine. Now grab the chicken pieces and gently place it on the flour. Make sure every part of the chicken is coated in the flour.

Next, place a frying pan over the heater and place a bar of butter on it to melt. Now, grab the chicken pieces and place them in the pan. When one side is nice and brown, flip the chicken over to the other side and fry too. Don’t forget to fry on high heat. Once you’re done frying, reduce the heat to medium low and add some butter into the pan, then drizzle some honey as well. Now, add the soy sauce and oyster sauce mixture. Afterwards, add the garlic paste and chili peppers and mix everything together to combine till the chicken pieces are thoroughly coated in the sauce.

Now, cover the pan and leave to cook for three to four minutes. Now, mix up your shredded vegetables. Transfer all the vegetables into a bowl. Now, add the Greek yogurt, a sprinkle of salt and pepper to taste. Pour the yogurt paste all over the vegetables. Mix them up again and make sure that the vegetables are fully coated in the yogurt paste. Now, set it aside.

At this time, the chicken should be ready. By the time you check on it, the sauce should have thickened up slightly. Take it off the heat immediately and serve on a plate along with the vegetables. You’re good to eat.


As healthy as this meal is, it’s a good idea to prepare regularly. It’s also really simple and easy to make. Highly nutritious and very satisfying. Besides, it doesn’t take much to create.

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