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Roasted Yam And Grilled Fish

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Roasted Yam And Grilled Fish

Roasted Yam And Grilled Fish

Roasted Yam And Grilled Fish: Hello there food lovers! Today, we would be showing you how to make this perfect and delicious roasted yam and grilled fish.

It’s easy to make, and you can prepare this at anytime for your friends, loved ones and family. So, let’s show you how this was prepared.

Scotch bonnet pepper
Palm oil


Start by washing your peppers, tomatoes, and onions. Roast them first, then blend them all together. Make sure that you chop your onions before blending. Once that is done, pour your tomato purée into a clean bowl and set it aside.

Next, pour some palm oil into a cooking pan. Now, add your grated ginger and garlic, then add your tomato purée to the pot. Add some salt and seasoning. Stir gently and take it off the heat.

Get your fish prepped and ready. We are going to garnish the fish using the sauce we just cooked. Place the fish on the surface (which should be clean of course). Cut the fish into whatever size you desire. Wear a nylon glove to protect your hands from the pepper in the purée. Apply the purée all over the fish. Use your gloved hands to do this. Make sure you get the puree into the fish, every crevice available.

After that, place the fish in a roasting pan and add some peeled yams too by the side. Add the sauce all over the yams too. Allow to roast to your content. You can garnish with vegetables or onions and pepper.

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