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Mackerel Fish Sauce

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Mackerel Fish Sauce

Mackerel Fish Sauce

Mackerel Fish Sauce: Hey guys! Food Gam here. Have you ever tried adding corn to your sauce? Not just any sauce, I’m talking about the Mackerel fish sauce?

It’s yummy and delicious, you can’t resist. Well, unless you don’t like fish or are allergic to it, but if you aren’t, then you should totally try out this sauce.

Having this sauce in your fridge at all times saves your time and energy because you can pair it with literally anything! Even Eba. Let’s show you how it was made.


Pepper mix – bell peppers, chili, scotch bonnet
Mackerel fish
Sweet corn
Soft bread


Start out by getting your fish ready. Place your fish on a clean table and chop them. After that, start washing the fish to get rid of all the extras you don’t need. Once that is done, place them in a clean cooking pot and add your ingredients like: garlic, seasoning and onions.

Allow to cook. Next, get your blender and blend your peppers into a smooth purée. Then, transfer into a clean plate and set aside. Take out your now-boiled fishes and mashed them up. You can use a fork to do so.

Once that is done, get your clean cooking pan and add some oil, then, add some chopped onions and stir gently. Next, add your pepper mix which should include your bell peppers, chili and scotch bonnet. Then allow it to cook for a while.

Now, add your mashed fish and your corn and stir together. Taste for any other ingredients and adjust accordingly. Take your sauce off the heat once it is done. Serve with bread. You can also eat this sauce with rice, yam, potatoes, spaghetti or pasta.

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