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How To Prepare Party Fried Rice For 10-15 People

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How To Prepare Party Fried Rice For 10-15 People

How To Prepare Party Fried Rice For 10-15 People

How To Prepare Party Fried Rice: No doubt, party rice is a special delicacy among Nigerians, and it’s a meal that no one, I mean, no one rejects. Whether it’s party jollof rice or party fried rice, Nigerians will always say YES. So, you want to know how to prepare the famous party fried rice? Then, you’re just in the right place because today, we’ll be taking you through the process of preparing the most delicious delicacy you’ll ever make so far. More so, we’ll be taking you through the rigors of making this meal for a little number of people, say 10-15 people.

A lot of people find it difficult to prepare food for a large crowd, while the reverse is the case for some others. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Not to worry, you don’t need to master the art of making food for a large number right away (If that’s what you want to know). Let’s take it easy. Let’s start out with a minimal number first. Say, you want to do something nice for a little get together or a small birthday party. Let’s show you how.

For this meal, we would be needing some ingredients, which we can assure you are very easy to get. We would list out the ingredients for you, so you have all the time to do some shopping, if you are lacking any needed spice.


1. Rice
2. Stock seasoning cubes
3. Curry
4. Thyme
5. Chicken
6. Meat
7. Salt
8. Pepper
9. White Onions
10. Butter
11. Vegetables – Sweet corn, carrot and green peas.
12. Green bell pepper
13. Beef liver
14. Cooking oil.


After carefully laying out your ingredients, you can start out by boiling your rice. After boiling the rice, wash it and carefully place it in a clean area. Then get your chicken/meat cooking. Add some seasonings like curry, stock cubes, salt, pepper, thyme, and onions and let it boil. When you’re sure that the chicken/meat is soft enough, you can start with the main cooking. Pour the meat/chicken stock in a clean pot. We’ll be needing about 10 cups of the meat/chicken stock. Then, cover the pot and let it boil. Once it boils, add some curry powder and then add 18 cups of rice to the boiling water.

The rice you’ll be adding will be the already parboiled rice. Make sure that you wash the rice well to get rid of any leftover starch. Wash until it runs clean. Next, make sure that the stock water isn’t too much for the rice. You can have a taste to check if there’s any more seasoning left to add. If you feel like it requires some stock cubes or any other ingredients, add them. If not, simply cover the pot and let it boil for about 15 minutes.

Check back on the rice to see how it’s doing and if it looks too dry, add a stick of butter to it and let it melt into the rice. Once the rice is ready, get it off the cooker and let’s move on to the next stage.

Add some oil into a cooking pan and add your onions. Please use white onions for this cooking. Preferably, about 3-4 bulbs of white onions. Stir it up for about 1 minute. Next add some grated garlic and ginger, some pounded pepper. Fry the mixture for about a minute again before adding the vegetables. The vegetables will be made up of sweet corn, carrot and green peas. Once that is done, you can add your sliced green bell pepper. Add one more seasoning cube and one teaspoon of curry powder. Also add the already cooked and fried chopped beef liver and stir it all together. Let it cook for 7 minutes. Once your vegetables are ready, get it off the heater and let’s get right into mixing!

Take out another cooking pan, add some of your rice and add some vegetables to it. Stir-fry them together for about 7 minutes on high heat. If you have a bigger pan, all the better. Simply pour out the rice in the bigger pan, add the vegetables and mix them together to make the cooking faster. Your rice is ready to be served with any protein or beef of your choice.


You don’t need a lot of water to cook fried rice. Let the steam do the job. Always be on the lookout for the food to avoid burning. If it’s your first time preparing the party fried rice, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll get it right, even if you have to fail a few times. No great cook became great by succeeding each time. They failed, too, and it helped them know what not to do next time. So, cut yourself some slack and enjoy the process.

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