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How To Prepare Nigerian Egusi Soup

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How To Prepare Nigerian Egusi Soup

How To Prepare Nigerian Egusi Soup

Nigerian Egusi Soup: Today, we would be taking you through the sweet and step-by-step process of making a tasty Nigerian egusi soup. For a lot of Nigerians, especially the Igbo people, Egusi soup is a revered meal and can be eaten with either semo, garri, pounded yam, fufu or even rice!. Yes, we said it. Some people eat their rice with egusi soup, and that’s not even a secret. Maybe you should try it sometime. Anyway, let’s show you how to make a delectable and mouth watering egusi soup.


1. Goat meat
2. Stock fish
3. kpomo/cow skin
4. Smoked Catfish
5. Yellow pepper
6. Seasoning
7. Chopped onions
8. Water
9. 2 cups blended egusi
10. 3/4 cup palm oil
11. Pepper mix (scotch bonnets to taste, 2 large bell pepper and 2 medium size tomatoes)
12. 1/2 cup crayfish
13. Cameroon pepper powder
14. Chopped Uziza leaves (or any choice of vegetable)


Let’s start out by first steam and making our protein ready. Get a clean pot, add the already washed goat meat, stock fish, kpomo to the pot. Now, add your blended Cameroon pepper, beef seasoning and chopped onions. You can add some water and cook for 40 minutes. Now, add your washed and deboned catfish to the pot and cook for an extra 5-10 minutes. Check on your meat now and stir gently.

Set that aside and start cooking your egusi. Get another clean pot and add some palm oil to the pot. Let the oil heat up, then add your chopped onions to the red oil. Then, add your pepper mix to the oil. In your peeper mix, you have your scotch bonnet pepper, bell pepper and medium-sized tomatoes (as described in the ingredients list above).

After a while, add your egusi. Now, there are two methods of adding egusi:
1. You could choose to first pour your egusi in a bowl and adding some water. Then turn it consistently till it turns into a paste.

2. You could simply pour the egusi as it is into the pot, without making it into a paste.

If you select option 1, then let’s get you to the cooking point. Scoop small pastes of egusi and place them into the pot little by little. The reason for making them into little lumps is so that the egusi will turn lumpy when it’s ready, that way, you can taste the sweet lumps when eating. When you’re done adding the egusi paste into the pot, don’t stir, simply cover the pot and allow it to fry for about 5 minutes on medium heat.

Now, after the time has elapsed, you can stir gently now. After stirring, add your meat stock into the egusi. Stir once again to combine the ingredients fully. Now add your crayfish, seasoning, and Cameroon pepper. Now add some water to the mix. Stir once more and check the taste to know if there’s anything left to add. If there’s any more ingredients to add, please do so to your taste. Now, cover the pot and allow the egusi to cook for about 10 minutes.

Now, add your uziza leaves or any leaf of your choice (fully sliced). Then stir and allow it to cook once more for about a minute or less before taking it off the heat. Your food is ready to be served with eba or semo or fufu or pounded yam. Enjoy.


There are ways to prepare egusi soup, and this method explained in this recipe is the frying method. You can use any method you feel comfortable with, but the whole essence of learning is to try out new methods, right? So, try it out and let us know how it went.

See cooking video below:

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