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How To Prepare Atama Soup

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How To Prepare Atama Soup

How To Prepare Atama Soup

Atama Soup: Hello food lovers! Today, we will be taking you on a food journey, we will be showing you how to make your favorite and delicious Atama soup. This soup is similar to Banga soup but it’s not quite the same. It is not only filled with healthy nutrients but also tasty. You can eat it with fufu, pounded yam, eba, semo, or any carbohydrate of your choice.


1. Periwinkles
2. Cow skin (Kpomo)
3. Red and yellow scotch bonnet peppers
4. Chicken
5. Ground crayfish
6. Dried smoked fish
7. Stockfish
8. Uyaya
9. Ground black pepper
10. Atama leaves
11. Palm nut sauce
12. Chicken stock powder
13. Salt


Start out by washing your chicken and placing them in a clean pot. Then, start out with the seasoning – add some chicken stock powder, some salt, some black pepper, add some water. Cover and let it cook. Now, soak your Atama leaves in water and let them soften up. Wash and clean out your periwinkle. Get your uyaya and cut it into parts and pieces. You can take out the rest and store them for future use. Now, add your dried smoked fish to the chicken. Also, add your uyaya.

Next, add your stockfish to the pot. Now, add your cow skin (kpomo) to the pot. Blend your peppers and add them too. Then, add your palm nut sauce. Make sure that you look out for the chaff at the end of the bowl. Make sure you don’t add that part. Now, add some of your crayfish powder. Close the lid and allow it to cook. Stir gently after a while to make sure that the ingredients blend well.

Allow it to cook for a while and then add your washed leaves to the soup. Now, add your periwinkle. Stir everything together. Cover the pot and allow it to cook. Once you see oil coming to the top of the soup, just know that you’re doing something right and it’s ready.

If you don’t want it to be too thick, you can add water. You can serve it with any carbohydrate of your choice. Bon Appetit.

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