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How To Make Your Homemade Butter

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How To Make Your Homemade Butter

How To Make Your Homemade Butter

How To Make Homemade Butter: You’ve possibly always wondered how butter is made. The truth is that a lot of these butter bars you see sitting pretty on shelves in supermarkets and malls may not entirely be what they claim to be. No doubt, we have some healthy ones available for purchase, but if you have ever wondered if you could make your own healthy homemade butter, then you’re not alone. Just like the others before you, who have asked questions and gotten no answer, you can create your own butter from start to finish.

So, let’s get right into it!

For this butter making process, we would be needing just heavy cream/double cream/whipping cream and salt. Any cream mentioned above can be used. The good thing is that you don’t need much to get started.


1. Heavy cream/double cream/whipping cream
2. Salt
3. Cold water.

You’ll also be needing an electric whisk, a fine sieve and an extra bowl.


First, get your clean bowl ready. Add the whipping cream or any of the cream mentioned above into the bowl. Add your salt. Get your electric whisk connected and start whisking. You’ll need to be patient at this point because it might take a while to fully separate the milk from the fat. What you’ll need to do is continue whisking till you notice that the milk and fat are separated. Don’t worry, you’ll know when it happens.

Once this happens, pour the content into the sieve and drain the water away. Place the water into another container and add the cold water to the processed butter. After adding the cold water, drain the content again to be sure you’re getting rid of the unwanted chaff.

Once that is done, press the butter into a mould – as you do this, you will notice that more liquid escapes through. Mould the butter nicely, all the while squeezing gently. After this is achieved, you can shape your fine butter into any style you wish. Your butter is ready to be used with your favorite bread, hot as always.


Cleanliness is what matters when cooking, making any snack or drink. Be sure to always keep your hands clean and surfaces clean too. No one likes a dirty environment. The main goal is to make healthy meals, and it begins with you.

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