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How To Make Tasty Nkwobi

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How To Make Tasty Nkwobi

How To Make Tasty Nkwobi

Tasty Nkwobi Recipe: What is usually the first thing you order at your favorite local meal joint? Pepper soup, assorted meat, isi ewu, your best soup or do you just go for your delicious and tasty nkwobi? If you said yes to Nkwobi, we love you already. Lol. Well, that’s because nkwobi has no enemies, and we mean that literary speaking. Garnished with Ugba and Utazi, Nkwobi is a favorite in the Southern and Eastern part of Nigeria. It is very easy to prepare and also addictive. Let’s get started.


1. Cow Leg
2. Onions
3. Salt
4. Seasoning cubes
5. Cameroon Pepper
6. Potash
7. Calabash nutmeg
8. Ugba
9. Utazi leaves.


Start off by washing your cow leg with water. Wash it well to get rid of all the dirt and sand. Place them in a clean bowl. Note that cow leg is very difficult to boil. It can take as much as three or four hours to get soft. Now, add some water into the pot and add your cow legs. Garnish it with some ingredients like seasoning cubes, onions, salt, and pepper if you wish. Allow the meat to cook while you do other things.

Get your potash ready. Dissolve it with some water in a plate. Add some palm oil into a clean pot on the heat and start adding your potash little by little as you stir gently. As you turn, you will notice that it is getting thicker, with a bright orange outlook. You can add your Cameroon pepper to the paste. Now, add your calabash nutmeg and your seasoning cubes. Sprinkle a little salt to taste and add some crayfish. Now stir.

Wash your Ugba and add it to your paste. Stir again. You can add extra pepper to your mixture or not. It all depends on what you want and how spicy you want yours. Mix again till you’re satisfied.

The next thing you will be adding will be your cooked cow legs. Stir it nicely and don’t overcook it. Garnish with your sliced utazi leaves and roundly cut onions. Your Nkwobi is ready to be served.

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