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How To Make Plantain Porridge

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How To Make Plantain Porridge

How To Make Plantain Porridge

Plantain Porridge: Today’s food menu says “Plantain Porridge” and yes, we will be showing you how to make this sensational and mouth-watering dish. This dish is very easy to make and also healthy. There are no doubts about that. So, here goes…


Unripe plantains
Palm oil
Smoked fish
Cow skin
Scotch bonnet pepper
Cameroon pepper


Start out by adding the pepper mix first into the pan. After that, you can add your chopped cow skin that has been previously washed properly and chopped into small bits. Once that is done, add your smoked fish to the pan. Add your sliced or chopped onions, then add your diced unripe plantains and add some water to cook.

Stir and then add some crayfish and Cameroon pepper. Cover the pot and allow to cook. Then, add your palm oil. Stir and add any seasoning you deem fit. Next, add your vegetables of choice, stir once more and cover to cook for a little while. Your food is ready to be served.


You can choose to add some meat or fish or chicken if you wish. It’s all about your choices. You can also add more crayfish if you’ve got a sweet tooth for crayfish.

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