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How To Make Oven Grilled White Bass Fish & Plantain

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How To Make Oven Grilled White Bass Fish & Plantain

How To Make Oven Grilled White Bass Fish & Plantain

Oven Grilled White Bass Fish & Plantain: For those of you food lovers who have wondered at one point or the other about how to make oven grilled white bass fish and plantain, you’re in luck!. On today’s tutorial, we’ll be showing you how to prepare the most delicious oven grilled fish ever!.


1. White bass fish (catfish will work perfectly too)
2. 2 red bell peppers
3. 1 onion
4. Scotch bonnet pepper to taste
5. 2 garlic
6. Basil (curry leaf)
7. Oil
8. Maggi
9. Salt
10. Smoked paprika.


First, we start with the pepper mix. Wash and rinse the peppers, onions, basil, and garlic. Then chop them into small sizes. After that, transfer into a blender, add some vegetable oil (totally optional) and blend. Now, we’re going to fry the pepper mix. In a clean frying pan, add some cooking oil and then, add your pepper mix. To season it, we’ll be adding some stock cubes, salt and smoked paprika. Once you’re done seasoning, allow it to fry until it is dry. You can choose not to fry this and just mix the seasoning and rub it all over your fish. It’ll still give it a great taste. Once the pepper mix is dry, set it aside to cook down for a bit.

Now, let’s move to our plantains. Wash and peel the plantains. Then slice them up in chunks but not too much. Now, season them up with salt.

Now, to the fish. Wash and thoroughly clean out (gut) the fish. Then, place a foil on a pan and place the fish on it. Pat the fish dry with a serviette or kitchen towel. Once that is done, make some incisions on both sides of the fish. This will help the ingredients to fully immerse into the fish. Next, let’s season the fish with a bit of salt. Once that is done, we can now add the pepper mix all over the fish. You might want to put on a glove for this part because of the pepper. Rub the pepper all over the fish, inside and out, including the incisions you made on the body.

Once this process has been completed, set it aside to marinate for about an hour. Save some pepper mix for the plantains. Mix the pepper mix and the plantains and place them around the fish. Nicely wrap the fish up and place in the oven. You can start out by increasing the oven to high for about 15 minutes. Take the fish out and reduce to low, then place it back for 20 minutes. Your fish is ready to be served and eaten!

See video below:

YouTube Video Credit:
The Joyful Cook

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