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How To Make Egg Sauce For Breakfast Or Lunch

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How To Make Egg Sauce For Breakfast Or Lunch

How To Make Egg Sauce For Breakfast Or Lunch

How To Make Egg Sauce: Are you wondering what to prepare for breakfast or lunch? Probably something really simple and easy, yet healthy? How about some egg sauce to soothe your taste buds? If you’ve been searching for a special recipe to make your own egg sauce and give it a definitive taste, then, look no further. This delicious egg sauce will do some wonders to your food-life experience.

Let’s get started then!


1. Onions
2. Pepper
3. Tomatoes
4. Cooking oil/Coconut oil
5. Sweet potatoes
6. Salt
7. Chicken seasoning cubes
8. Eggs


Start out by slicing your onions into tiny bits. Chop one habanero pepper and your tomatoes into small sizes. In a heated pan, add some coconut oil or any oil of your choice. Now, add your diced onions and fry for about 3 to 5 minutes. Now add your chopped up habanero pepper and also add your diced tomatoes. Fry them together and allow it to cook.

Now, let’s get the sweet potatoes started. Place a pot of boiling water over the heat and start peeling your potatoes. You can use a knife to peel off the skin or if you have a hand peeler, you can use that too. Now, cut them into your desired shape and size. Next, rinse them off and add them into the already boiling water. Add some salt to taste, then cover it and cook it till it’s tender.

Back to the stew, open the pot and add some chicken seasoning cubes. Add a little salt to taste and stir to evenly spread the ingredients. Now, cook for an additional five minutes. While that is going on, crack your eggs into a clean plate. You may scramble the eggs if you wish, but try adding it to the stew without scrambling it. Add the eggs one by one into the stew and then sprinkle a bit of salt. Cook for a little while and check back on them. Also check on your potatoes.

You can put a fork through to confirm if it’s soft and ready to be eaten. If it is, get rid of the water and check on your stew. Give it a quick stir and if you wish to take it off the heat at this point, do so. If not, you can add some vegetables to give it some color before stirring and taking it off the heat. Your delicious meal is ready to be eaten.


You can use as many eggs as you want for the meal. Some people prefer to just use a little egg, but whatever rocks your boat. Also, you may decide to cook the potatoes without peeling the skin. Yes, you can peel the skin much later when the food is ready. The same is applicable to yam. You can also eat the egg sauce with rice, yam, or spaghetti. Do let us know how your cooking experience went.

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