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How To Make Coconut Jollof Rice

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How To Make Coconut Jollof Rice

How To Make Coconut Jollof Rice

Coconut Jollof Rice: Hey there foodie, have you ever tried this coconut jollof rice? Maybe you have tried the coconut rice and the jollof rice differently but you are yet to try the combination. Let’s show you how to make this delicious recipe.

Coconut Jollof Rice is a fusion of coconut rice and jollof rice-it is seriously delicious! It follows the process of Jollof the only difference is that you add coconut milk.


Coconut milk
Pepper mix – tomatoes, pepper and onions
Bay leaves
Seasoning cubes
Cooking oil
Mixed vegetables
Other seasonings of your choice


1. Start out by adding some cooking oil into a clean pot. Now, add your onions and for extra flavoring before frying your chicken. Once the chicken have been fried well, take them off the heat and start adding your chopped onions.

2. Now, add half of the seasoning cubes to the onions. Stir to mix up well. Now add your curry and thyme seasoning to the mix.

3. Next, add your bay leaves for that extra and awesome flavor.

4. Add your pepper mix to the pot and stir to combine well. Add other seasonings of your choice and some salt. Fry till its done.

5. Now, add your coconut milk. Add enough to cook rice. Stir to mix well before adding your parboiled rice. Now, gently combine.

6. Add chicken stock and bits of chicken. Allow to cook well before adding your mixed vegetables.

7. Allow to to steam, mix well to combine and serve.

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