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How To Make Banga Rice At Home

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How To Make Banga Rice At Home

How To Make Banga Rice At Home

How To Make Banga Rice: Truth be told, Nigerian foods are not exactly the type you pass by without wanting to have a taste or the know-how. When it comes to rice, we make it a journey. We make it a beautiful process. You’ve must have heard of Banga rice. You probably have even tasted it, but have you ever wondered how to make it? Do you dream of making your own Banga rice at home, with your own special ingredients?

Let’s go!

For this meal, we would be needing some ingredients, which we can assure you are very easy to get. We would list out the ingredients for you, so you have all the time to do some shopping, if you are lacking any needed spice.


1. 4 cups of long grain parboiled rice
2. 1 small Tin of banga paste
3. 1 cup of crayfish
4. 1 large onion
5. Scotch bonnet pepper
6. Basil 🌿 or scent leaf
7. 2 seasoning cubes
8. Salt to taste
9. 1 teaspoon of banga spice
10. Smoked fish
11. Plantain


Add your banga contents into a clean bowl, if you’re using the tin banga paste. Add enough water and dissolve gently using a spoon or a spatula. Once that is done, and you are sure that the paste is smooth enough, set it aside and let it settle. While the banga is settling, continue with other ingredients. Get out your onions, fresh pepper and crayfish. Slice the onions, pepper, and crayfish. You could blend it instead. Put them in a plate and put it aside. Now, get started on your smoked fish. Banga rice tastes a lot better with smoked fish. It’s always the best, but you can choose any fish of your choice. Next, debone the fish gently and place it in a clean plate.

Now, start with your banga sauce. By now, the sauce is already settled. Pour it gently into a clean pot and sieve it slowly. Be careful when doing this to avoid sieving sand and any other impurities along. Cover the pot or leave it open if you prefer and leave it open for about 10 to 15 minutes. While that is going on, boil some rice. After about 5 minutes, take it off the heat and wash it with cold water. Rinse it properly and pick out any dirt you can find.

Now, get back to your Banga sauce and add your rice to the boiling Banga sauce. Stir and add your already sliced or blended onions, crayfish, and pepper. Next, add some smoke fish and save some for later. Now, add your seasoning cubes and salt. Next, add your Banga spice, stir, and cover to cook on medium heat. A few minutes later, you can check on the food to be sure that all is going as planned, stir and leave to continue cooking.

Next, cut up your plantain and start frying. A lot of people like to add some salt to the plantain before frying, while some don’t. Whichever works for you is fine. Once you’re done with the plantain, put them in a clean plate and set aside. At this point, you can check on the rice now. Stir to make sure everything is well mixed. Now, add the rest of the smoked fish, some basil, or scent leaves and stir. Your rice is ready to be eaten with your fried plantains.

However, you chose to fry your plantain is fine, as long as they’re tasty. Also, this recipe is for those who want to use the Banga tin. If you can’t access the local palm fruits around your area, simply get a Banga tin and use it instead. It gives the same taste too. Also, taste your food occasionally to keep a track of the seasonings to add or not.

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