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How To Cook Bitterleaf Soup (Onugbu)

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How To Cook Bitterleaf Soup

How To Cook Bitterleaf Soup (Onugbu)

How To Cook Bitterleaf Soup: Hello there food lovers! Today we bring you the best and tastiest recipe for preparing bitter leaf soup using achi as a thickener. You can use a lot of thickness to cook this soup, especially if you can’t find achi or ofo. You can use oats. It has a mild taste that can go unnoticeable in the soup.

The only thickeners we prefer for Bitterleaf Soup are:
– cocoyam
– achi
– ofo and
– oats (quaker brand)

You can use all-purpose flour, yam, potatoes, corn flour, or corn starch but we believe they don’t give the authentic taste and consistency.


– 3 to 4 tablespoons dry ground achi
– Igbo-style washed bitter leaves
– Palm oil
– Habanero pepper or cayenne pepper
– Beef
– offals
– dry fish
– stockfish
– crayfish
– seasoning cubes
– ogiri Igbo
– salt to taste.


Start out by washing and cleaning the stockfish well. A lot of times, you can find some dirt and even some insects inside the stockfish, so clean them up real nice. After that is done, get your clean pot and add them into the pot. If you will be using beef, add that too, after washing of course. If you are using your shaki or some other form of meat or protein, add them.

Use some seasoning cubes to spice the meat up. Allow the meat to steam up a little. Stir and allow to continue steaming. As soon as the meat turns pale, add water to the same level as the contents of the pot. While that is boiling, get your bitter leaf sorted out. Washing bitter leaves properly is a skill that a lot of people will never master and that’s because it’s not easy to get out all the bitterness. Some people never do and that’s part of why you end up eating in some restaurants and regretting it.

As you squeeze, cut the strands gently with your fingers, don’t use a knife. Some people prefer long strands of the bitter leaf in their soup, while some like it short. Whichever is your forte. You can pound your pepper or blend it if you wish but we’ll be chopping ours. Next, mix up your achi powder with some water to make a paste. Make sure it’s a thick paste, so don’t over-add water. Check back on your meat and when the stockfish is done, break them into smaller pieces and debone them if you wish.

Now, top up the water to the same level as the contents and add your ground crayfish. You can also add your ogiri Igbo but if you don’t have it, forget about it. Now, add the achi in small scoops. Add some palm oil to the soup. After that, add your bitter leaf. Cover the pot and continue cooking on high heat. Stir from time to time. Add your pepper. Stir and taste. Adjust taste where necessary. Stir up and take it off the heat. You can choose to enjoy this meal with semo, garri, fufu, pounded yam or whatever you wish.

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