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Delicious Oha Soup Recipe

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Delicious Oha Soup Recipe

Delicious Oha Soup Recipe

Delicious Oha Soup: The special and delicious delicacy called “Oha” soup is quite popular among the South Eastern people of Nigeria. It is a very traditional soup similar to the bitter leaf soup but cooked with Ora leaves. Oha Soup is special because the tender Oha leaves used in preparing this soup recipe are seasonal, unlike the bitter leaf. It is not only sumptuous, it is also nutritious and healthy. So, today, we would be giving you a full tutorial on how to make a very sweet and special Oha soup. Stay with us!


1. Smoked dry fish
2. Palm oil
3. Yellow or red scotch bonnet peppers
4. Beef
5. Seasoning cubes
6. Onions
7. Salt
8. Cow Skin (Kpomo)
9. Coco yam (As a thickener)
10. Ogiri
11. Crayfish
12. Fresh Oha leaves
13. Uziza leaves.


Start out by washing and seasoning your beef with salt, seasoning cubes and some diced onions. Stir and place on the heat to cook. Now, wash and boil the coco yam for about 2 minutes. While the coco yam and beef are boiling, wash your scotch bonnet peppers and blend them. Now, check on your beef and add your already cleaned smoked fish and cow skin. Add some more water. Now, add your blended pepper mixture and stir. Next, add your palm oil and cover to cook.

Check on your coco yam, peel off the skin and pound them in a mortar. Once they’re smooth, start adding them lump by lump into the pot. Now, add your already blended or pounded crayfish. Dilute the ogiri with hot water and add the mixture into the soup. Now, stir gently to allow the ingredients to combine.

After a few minutes, check on your soup and stir again. Add your uziza leaves and oha leaves. Mix everything and cover for about 2 to 3 minutes. Your Oha soup is ready to be served and eaten with garri or pounded yam or semo.


The Oha soup is a very delicate soup, made with delicate leaves. It is advisable to use fresh Oha leaves when cooking. It’s enjoyable that way. Also, when you’re cutting the Oha leaves, don’t use a knife, use your hands to shred them into bits. You can use a knife to slice the uziza leaves in tiny bits, but not the Oha leaves.

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