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Crispy Calamari Recipe

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Crispy Calamari Recipe

Crispy Calamari Recipe

Crispy Calamari Recipe: Hi there food lovers! Have you tasted Calamari before? Maybe you have heard of it but haven’t tasted it. Let’s show you how this is made.


Spices (onions powder, seasoning, garlic powder, paprika)
Crushed cornflakes
Oil for frying.


Start by seasoning your calamari in a mixing bowl. Use your hand to nicely mix them all up. Now, break some eggs into another small bowl, beat them up and pour into the calamari.

Mix once more and then add some flour to another bowl. Add some corn flakes too and mix them up. Now, add your calamari into the cornflakes mix one by one to evenly coat them up.

Now, fry them up one by one. You can also add as much calamari as can fit into your frying pan. The result of this is a fresh and crispy calamari. Serve with any sauce of your choice. Enjoy.

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