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Chicken & Egg Sauce Recipe

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Chicken & Egg Sauce Recipe

Chicken & Egg Sauce Recipe

Chicken & Egg Sauce Recipe: Hi there food lovers! We are so delighted for today’s food tutorial which will be on how to make the most delicious chicken and egg sauce recipe. This recipe is so yummy that it can be used to eat rice or yam or spaghetti. If you don’t have chicken, you can use Smoked mackerel for this recipe. You will get a beautiful result.


1. Eggs
2. Smoked Chicken
3. Scotch bonnet Pepper
4. Yam
5. Red and green bell pepper
6. Tomatoes
7. Onions
8. Eggplant
9. Cooking oil
10. Salt
11. Chicken seasoning
12. White pepper
13. Thyme


Take out your large yam and start with it. You can either peel the skin before chopping or chop them before peeling the skin. Cut the yams into sizeable bits and place them into a bowl of water. Wash the yams very well to clean off the slime. Transfer the clean and washed yams into a clean cooking pot. To season the yam, all you need is salt but some people like to use sugar too.

Wash and clean the peppers and tomatoes. You’ll be using this for the sauce. Transfer them into a food processor and blend. Also, blend or chop your onions too. Take out your eggplants and slice them into small bits. Break your eggs into a bowl and place them aside. Start dissecting your smoked chicken into pieces. Place them on a plate. Check on the yam. If you’re sure the yam is cooked and ready, then take it off the heat and sieve off the water.

In a clean pan, add some cooking oil, then add your sliced onions and stir. Now, add your tomatoes. You can also use blended tomatoes for this recipe. Stir and add your eggplants. You can also use garden eggs if you wish. Let it cook for a bit before bringing in your chicken to the pan. Stir gently. In another pan, stir fry the green and red bell peppers to get the flavor out. Now, season the sauce with salt, chicken seasoning, white pepper, and some thyme. Stir and add your eggs into the sauce. Don’t mix it up yet. Add the stir-fried peppers into the sauce too.

Cover the pan and allow it to cook properly. When the egg is done, mix everything together. You can add some spring onions to garnish it it you like.

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