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Weight Gain Smoothie

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Weight Gain Smoothie

Weight Gain Smoothie

Weight Gain Smoothie: Hello there food lovers! Where are the weight gainers in the house? We’ve got a new recipe for y’all to try out. So, today, we would be showing you the best recipe for easy and fast weight gain. Keep on reading!


Chocolate cookies
Yogurt drink
Full cream milk


Start by adding your chocolate cookies into a blender. You can use a smoothie maker for easy work. After you’re done adding your cookies, add your yogurt to the blender too.

Then, add your full cream milk. You need to be generous with these ingredients. Once that is done, add your blueberries to the mix and close the blender.

Blend till properly puréed. Then, you can get a clean glass cup and pour the purée out into the cup. Place a straw in and serve. Enjoy your smoothie.

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