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Skin Glow Juice Recipe

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Skin Glow Juice Recipe

Skin Glow Juice Recipe

Skin Glow Juice: For a lot of people, questions about how to keep their skin glowing and fresh tops their list when asking Google for tips. So, let’s share our secret skin glow juice recipe with you.


Green apples
Green limes

How To Prepare

Start out by washing the fruits very well. Once that is done, start dicing. Start with your cucumber. Cut off the head and the bottom part and throw that away. Now, cut the cucumber, take out the inner part with the seeds and set them aside. Now, dice the cucumber into smaller bits and also set aside.

Now, dice the apples. Remove the seed part and throw that away. Also, dice the apples into smaller bits and set aside too.

Next, add some clean water into a small bowl and slice your lime into two. Now, squeeze the juice into the water. Now, add your diced apples.

Next, we would start blending. Blend in batches if the fruits are more than the blender can take. Add your apples and your cucumber, then add some water and start blending.

Now, take the juice and sieve. Blend the rest of the fruits and sieve too. Do not discard the fibre gotten from sieving. You can use it in some other recipes. So, store in the fridge.

Once all that is done, pour your juice into a jar and place in the fridge or serve immediately if you like. Cheers to healthy living.

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