Amazing Kitchen Tips To Make Cooking Easier

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Amazing Kitchen Tips To Make Cooking Easier

Amazing Kitchen Tips To Make Cooking Easier

Amazing Kitchen Tips: If you are constantly looking for new ways to make your kitchen experience easier and delightful, then you’ve come to the right blog.

Welcome back foodies, today, we would be showing you some simple, yet amazing kitchen tips to make cooking easier and yes, fun. So, let’s get into it.

1. Always wash your meat thoroughly with lime or lemon:

It is imperative that you wash your meat with water, but what’s better? washing it with lime or lemon. It kills off all the bacteria & gets rid of all that awful smell.

2. When boiling rice or pasta always add a tablespoon of butter:

Wanna know why? It gives it wonderful aroma & makes it taste even nicer.

3. Always wash rice thoroughly before cooking at all times:

A lot of people don’t like to wash their rice before boiling and while that is by choice, you should try washing thoroughly before cooking. This way you don’t need to parboil the rice. Especially Basmati rice.

4. If you don’t like the skin of chicken, all you have to do is get a cloth or napkin, place it on top of the chicken part & pull the skin off. It always comes off easy!

5. Check your eggs for freshness:

If you aren’t sure how fresh your eggs are, place them in about 10cm of water. Eggs that stay on the bottom are fresh. If only one end tips up, the egg is less fresh and should be used soon. If it floats, it’s past the fresh stage. That’s how you know which eggs are good for use.

6. If you add excessive salt into a pot of soup, here’s how to get rid of it:

Don’t panic, just drop in a peeled potato, the potato will absorb the excess salt. You can try this method next time to see that it truly works.

7. If you have some burnt rice, get rid of the burnt smell by:

Placing a piece of white bread on top of the rice for 5-10 minutes to draw out the burned flavor. You can use any bread for this. It works either way.

8. Here’s what to do if you don’t want your bananas to ripen at the same time:

Don’t store your bananas in a bunch or in a fruit bowl with other fruits. Separate your bananas and place each in a different location. Bananas release gases which cause fruits (including other bananas) to ripen quickly. Separating them will keep them fresh longer.

Do you have any more kitchen tips to add? Let us know in the comment section.

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